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Dr. Trunzo is an engaging speaker who has presented his work at national and international conferences as well local events and for local groups or organizations. He is available for a variety of speaking engagements of varying lengths and purposes to a variety of audiences, including the following:

  • Half day or full day didactic presentations on the diagnostic and treatment implications of Lyme disease for behavioral health professionals.
  • Half day or full day professional workshops on learning ACT for treating patients with Lyme disease or other chronic illnesses. These workshops would have a very ACT driven, experiential approach.
  • Half or full day educational workshops for those suffering from Lyme disease or other chronic illnesses.

Dr. Trunzo is open to other types of speaking engagements as well, such as invited conference addresses or presentations to local groups or organizations. If you are interested in having Dr. Trunzo speak at an event, give a workshop, or provide a training experience, please contact him.

Living Well When You Don’t Feel Well: Overcoming Lyme Disease and Illness
Joe Trunzo | TEDxBryantU

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